PRO 120 Air Cooled Setup


PRO 120 Air Cooled Setup

The PRO 120 Air Cooled Setup is a 1.2m x 1.2m x 2.0m Secret Jardin tent and Air Cooled Digital Light Kit Setup, this system is design for the experienced grower who knows how he wants to grow i.e, Hydroponics or hand feeding pots etc, knows what nutrients they want to use and is experienced in the products they like and use.

For this reason this setup is based purely on your tent, lighting and environment, literally from the fans and filter to your ballast and bulbs.

All of Avagrow’s off the shelf systems are customizable if you would like to change any items then please feel free to call or pop in to either our New Ash Green or Rochester Stores (go to the contact page for the opening times, telephone numbers and addresses)

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