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Omega 600w Digi Pro Digital Ballast


The Omega Digi-Pro 600W Dimmable Digital Ballast is a high-quality ballast which is far more efficient than other ballasts on the market.

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Omega 600w Digi Pro Digital Ballast

The Omega Digi-Pro 600W Dimmable Digital Ballast is a high-quality ballast which is far more efficient than other ballasts on the market.

The ballast is much more affordable than other ballasts giving excellent value for money with outstanding performance and reliability. Omega 600W Ballast has the option of four different output levels can be switched 250W, 400W, 600W and super-lumen with a dimming selector illuminating a grow.

  • 600W Dimmable Ballast
  • Highest PAR output
  • Uniform beam patterns
  • Professional’s choice for maximising crop growth
  • Advanced super-lumen technology
  • Unique 4-setting control

Energy efficient

Increase the energy efficiency of a growing operation with this wall-mounted, dimmable, 600W ballast from Omega. This unit has been specially calibrated to have the highest possible PAR output (photosynthetic active radiation), which is the measure of how much energy from light actually gets to the plants. The Omega Digi-Pro’s beam patterns are also incredibly uniform in order to reduce the instances of striations and hot spots that can damage plants.

State of the art ballasts

The Omega Digi-Pro 600W Dimmable Digital Ballast is the professionals’ choice for maximising crop growth. Omega Lighting’s state of the art Ballasts are ideal for powering HID Lamps. They offer the user the ability to control power output to the bulb which not only protects the lifetime of the bulb, it also helps to reduce growing costs. Combined alongside Omega Lighting’s precision engineered lamps which provide an optically superior outcome. Beam patterns are smoother with striations and hot spots significantly reduced. Not only are they an energy-efficient but they are tuned and optimised to create a higher PAR output.

Super-lumen technology

Omega Digi-Pro 600W Dimmable Digital Ballast offers an advanced super-lumen technology which produces additional wattage from the bulb. This increased output does not affect the lifespan of the bulb.

Unique four-setting control

The Omega Digi-Pro 600W Dimmable Digital Ballast features a unique 4-setting control which offers dimming options of 250W, 400W, 600W and a super-lumen setting of 660W.

All Ballasts feature a 1-metre mains lead with flying IEC lead for safety and are wall mountable. CE certified and guaranteed.

Users can use the 600W Digi-Pro Ballast alongside Omega Eurowing 600W Digi Kit, featuring a 600W Dual Spectrum Lamp and a Eurowing Reflector.

Omega 600W 240V Digi-Pro Ballast Specifications

Technology: Digital
Rated Power: 600W
Lamp Type: 600W HPS/MH Lamp
Rated Input Voltage: 220-240V AC
Voltage Input Range: 190Vac~265Vac
Input Frequency: 50Hz~60Hz
Input Running Current: Max 3.0A
Ignition Voltage: 3.5~5KV
Required Lamp Voltage: 100-120V
Power Factor: >0.99
Efficiency: >95%
THD: <10%
Dimming: 250W, 400W, 600W, 660W
Current Crest Factor: <1.7
Output Frequency: >50KHz
Protection: Full Circuit Protection
Striking Distance: 15m
Operating Temperature Range: -20°C~+50°C
TA: 30°C
TC: 70°C
Case: Aluminium Alloy
Length of Power Lead: 2m

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