Ona Bleach


ONA :: Bleech – The Ultimate Cleaner!

ONA Bleech is a potent hydroponics cleaning and decalcification system. It is made in an easy two-step process. Mix equal parts of ONA Bleech and ONA Bleech Activator, wait 15 minutes and then add to water.

It is powerful for cleaning but easy on your eyes, nose and skin. It does not give off strong, irritating vapors like regular bleach.

Developed for Cleaning and Decalcification
• Safe • Eco-Friendly • NO Toxic Fumes

ONA Bleech will clean spaghetti lines, reservoirs, clay beds and other bed bases from biofilm, calcium, magnesium and mineral deposits and other undesirable organics and inorganics.

Powerful • Effective
• Easy to flush – no risk of residue harming plants.

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