Zip Zag Bags


Zip Zag Bags have taken ‘re-sealable’ bags to a whole new level. Our unique manufacturing process and exhaustive quality control guarantees a re-sealable, reusable storage bag that works on a molecular level to guarantee that goods stay fresh and aromas stay safely sealed inside.

Zip Zag Bags are purpose made in North America using a specialized food grade material that is highly resistant to punctures and tears. It has an airtight, patented ‘Dual Lock’ zipper system able to withstand over 200lb of pressure without the need of heat sealing, and if that’s not enough, our ‘Heat Seal Ready’ outer provides an optional level of security. The result is a super tough, resealable, reusable, easy-to-use storage bag offering the utmost convenience and 100% peace of mind.

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