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Philips Green Power 600w 240v

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1L Square Plastic Plant Pot

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Growth Technology Clonex

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Nitrile Gloves


Avagrow Hydroponics Kent & UK

Avagrow was established in 2011 in New Ash Green. We have since moved our base of operations to Rochester. We are your local hydroponics Kent based shop. Open 7 days a week to provide you with a complete solution. Our shop stocks a complete range of products from multiple manufacturers. We specialise in sourcing specific products our customers require. Even if we do not stock the product, we should be able to source the products you require. This includes a wide range of hydroponic nutrients, environmental control air filters, hydroponic fans to control air flow around grow projects, digital lighting ballasts to control the output of your hydroponic lighting set-ups and lighting shades to aid your grow projects in getting the right amount of light needed and not wasting light on your next hydroponic project.

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