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Hydroponic Supplies Kent UK

27th July 2021
Avagrow was established in 2011 and has become recognised as a leading hydroponics supplier in Kent, UK.

We are a specialist retailer of a wide variety of hydroponic supplies in Kent, UK. Our products are available online and in-store, ranging from indoor growing nutrients and growing tents, to complete indoor growing kits.

Avagrow’s products are of the highest quality and from specialist manufacturers across the world.

Our service allows enthusiasts within Kent and the UK the opportunity to grow their own plants indoors.

We then went on to develop our product range to a wide variety of accessories, as well as hydroponic supplies.

Avagrow offer an extensive range of indoor growing products and hydroponic systems.

We deliver excellent customer service to everyone who purchases something from us.

For added convenience to our customers we allow you to pick up our products from our Kent based store.

If you need a hydroponic system immediately or looking to develop your own indoor farm, we can accommodate your needs!

If you looking to grow some plants at home, we have a massive selection of indoor growing kits.

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