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Metrop are a specialist manufacturer of high quality liquid plant nutrients for agriculture, horticulture and the hobby grower.

Through years of testing and growing, Metrop’s approach to plants has become fundamentally different from that of most other plant food manufacturers

They believe, you have to make available to a plant, the nutrients that he can absorb most of during every phase of the growth and bloom cycle.

There products are carried out in cooperation with two laboratories, each with separate nutrient production facilities.

Because of Metrop’s unique approach and the fact that they use different elements for the fertiliser products than other plant food suppliers, Metrop are able to achieve greater NPK differences, which gives you the grower, better and bigger unfolding vegetative growth.

Metrop do not compromise on quality and so there nutrient elements are free of cadmium and other heavy metals reducing chlorine content to trace.

This means a healthier and better tasting end product for both grower and consumer.

Avagrow is a Metrop Master Shop and we have a large stock of all there products at our Kent store bought direct from Metrop’s factory in Holland.

For more information please give the shop a call on 01634-787227 or pop in 7 days a week.

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