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The Adjusta Watt LED 720w returns Lower operational costs. It enables the user to manually adjust the output using the dial on your adjusta-watt digital ballast. It has passive cooling due to its wide area of coverage meaning virtually no heat. The evenly spaced light bars provide consistent coverage of good light levels at the canopy. Highly efficient as all consumed energy is converted to useable light for your plants. It is silent with no noisy fans or moving parts.

Avagrow is one of kent’s leading hydroponics shops! we stock all the major LED lighting Brands & Manufacturers these include Adjusta Watt, Lumii, Maxibright Daylight, Sanlight LED, Omega, Phillips, Osram, Lumatek, Adjusta Wing, Gavita, Luxx Lighting, Scopex and Elite Quantum.

At Avagrow we believe in quality products at competitive prices. We have tried and tested all our products which provides our customers with the knowledge that we can recommend the right product for them.

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Adjusta Watt LED

Adjusta-Watt Retro LED 720W