Ona Block


The ONA Block is ideal for small areas such as closets, foyers, attics, cars, gym bags, boats, kitchens, garbage cans, cupboards or vents. Simply remove the cap, or punch several small holes in the cap and place in desired location. The ONA Block measures 3″ x 3″ and will fit in most places.

The ONA Block will release its powerful odor neutralizing agent and keep the location free from undesirable odors. Replace as necessary.

Available in our popular scents: Fresh Linen, Polar Crystal, PRO and all-new Apple Crumble!


ONA Block Apple Crumble – So Good You’ll Have To Try It!
Introducing the new scent of the all-new ONA Black Label Series.  The Black Label series uses the same unique formula as our other proven scents, with a pleasant new twist.  Perfect for around the house to neutralize odors such as garbage, pet, gym bag, smoke, cooking, and so much more!

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