Sylvania T5 Replacement Tube


The key benefits of Sylvania T5 Replacement Tube are well known – proven energy efficiency, long life and a wide choice of sizes, shapes and colours.

The introduction of improved phosphor coatings, the more efficient T8 tubes and the new generation of T5 tubes have brought significant improvements in lamp efficacy and colour rendering, lumen maintenance and life. Sylvania engineers have always been at the forefront of these developments, and in caring for the environment, by continually introducing innovative products and improvements in lamp manufacture, technology and performance.

Sylvania offers a comprehensive range of high efficiency fluorescent tubes in various lengths, diameters, wattages and colours, including tubes for specialist applications. The improved technology of the Luxline® Plus triphosphor coating guarantees excellent colour rendering, high luminous flux and high lamp efficacy (lumen per watt).

The average life of up to 24000 hours allows longer replacement intervals which has a positive impact to your on maintenance costs. All of these advantages mean that Sylvania Luxline Plus triphosphor tubes should always be the first choice for all new installations

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