Rhino Pro Filter


Rhino Pro Filters are world renowned for their high quality components and longer than average filter life, these filters often last around 15/18 months compared to the usual 10 month life cycles of most other filter brands.

Rhino Pro Filters are manufactured using RC412 carbon, an incredibly high quality granular activated carbon mined in Australia. RC412 carbon is activated, which means it is burned in an oxygen-depleting atmosphere. When carbon is burned in an atmosphere such as this tiny, microscopic pores open up in the material, this creates a greater surface area and gives the carbon a positive charge. This positive charge attracts negative ionic charges such as smells and gases and the pores opened in this carbon are 0.02 microns in size, which is huge in the carbon world allowing bigger molecules to be filtered. The amount of dead material, that is ash left over from the burning of the coal/carbon is only around 3% compared to up to 10% in other forms of filtration carbon such as pelletized.


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