SMS 6.5amp Thermostat

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Controlling the environment in your grow room is on often biggest challenges an indoor grower will face.
To give plants the best possible chance of producing a high yield, conditions need to be controlled and maintained at optimal levels. Any stale Co2 depleted air must be removed and replaced with fresh Co2 rich air, temperature and humidity must also be controlled and kept at optimal levels. Using a thermostatic fan speed controller will make this job easier to manage.

The addition of an SMSCom Thermostat to your SMSCom Smart 6.5 Amp Speed controller gives thermostatic control over your fan speeds.
The Thermostat simply plugs straight into the top of the Smart controller 6.5 amp, the thermostat should be placed at an optimal level in the grow room (usually the same height as the plant canopy) then set the dial on the thermostat to the maximum temperature you would like your grow room to reach.

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