Canna Mono N 27% Nitrogen Nutrient

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Canna Mono N 27% Nitrogen Nutrient plays the major part in the protein synthesis and in the energy metabolism, which is essential for the development of the plant. It can be used for nitrogen deficiency and as a supplementary nutrient to stimulate the growth. NITROGEN is also an essential nutritional element for improving the juice production. The liquid can be directly absorbed by the plant and improves the vegetative growth.

This mineral fertiliser contains 27% N. (Contains: ammonium 6%,
amid nitrogen 11% and nitrate 10%. Contains also MgO 2.5% and
CaO 6.5%).

Nitrogen is an essential element for the plants; nitrogen plays a
leading role with the protein synthesis and with the energy metabolism
therefore, it is crucial for the development of the plant. In
addition, it has an influence on the chlorophyll, the DNA and the
secondary metabolites. Furthermore, it increases the resistance of
the plant.

Liquid nitrogen fertiliser can be immediately absorbed by the plant
and stimulates the vegetal growth.

With the exception of fertilisers containing concentrated sulphate,
liquid nitrogen fertiliser can be mixed with most fertilisers.


  • To be applied as a nitrogen fertiliser, amongst others, in the case of a nitrogen deficiency (also during the generative growth phase).
  • As a supplementary remedy to stimulate the growth.


With the nutrient solution or by means of spraying the leaves (1ml/l).


1-2 ml per 1 litre water.


A good fertiliser contains all essential elements in the correct proportions. Proceed with caution when determining the dose; an overdose could be harmful to the plant!

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