Hesi PH Down Grow


Hesi PH Down Grow

Hesi PH Down Grow contains 38% Nitric acid solution.

To avoid adding more phosphorus during the grow phase, Hesi provide a pH Down just for the grow phase with only nitric acid, so only adding nitrogen.

Hesi pH Corrector pH Minus Growth, pH minus Bloom and pH Plus corrects the pH value of food solutions for plants on hydro and coco. For cultivation with hydro and coco it is necessary that the feeding water is set to a certain pH-value. This pH range is around pH 6 (5.8 – 6.2). Small deviations above or below this value are still acceptable. The reason for this is that the feeding water determines the root environment because the hydroponic mediums are neutral and only give support to the roots, they cannot store the nutrient particles. For soil this is different, since it is able to store the nutrients and distribute them to the plant over several days, during which the pH value in the soil itself decreases.

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