Hotbox Sulphume Kit including 500g Sulphur

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Hotbox Sulphume Kit including 500g Sulphur, The Hotbox Sulfume sulphur vapouriser helps to protect crops from fungal diseases such as Mildew, Botrytis and Black Spot. It also inhibits the spread of greenhouse pests.

Unique temperature control – cannot overheat the sulphur to create damaging oxides, releases ONLY pure sulphur
Regulated element – makes combustion impossible, eliminates the risk of fire and makes the Sulfume the safest on the market
Energy efficient – the lowest energy consuming sulphur evaporator available
Flexible voltage – can work on any supply from 110V to 250V, with no loss of performance in low voltage areas
Manufactured in high quality materials – to ensure durability
Ideal for roses, strawberries, begonias, saint paulia, tomatoes, peppers and gerbera
Temperature regulation is important to ensure the sulphur is vapourised at just the right temperature.
The Hotbox Sulfume cannot produce oxides of sulphur.

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