IWS DWC System


IWS DWC System

About DWC

The IWS DWC System is made from high grade recycled plastic and enables simple set-up and use for all growers from novices to experts.

IWS DWC System is available as a standalone unit, or as a complete system with timer control, its versatile and requires little maintenance. Also comes pre-drilled with an inspection hole in the lid to make checking your plant much easier.

Deep water culture is a method of growing that leaves your root submerged in a highly oxygenated nutrient solution which causes rapid growth.

We supply air pump kits separately, as some users have their own preference on pumps.

The multi-pot IWS Deep water system can be fully tailored to suit your needs, the built-in timer means that you can fully control when the system fills and empties.

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