Plant Magic Coco Grow


Plant Magic Coco Grow

Plant Magic Plus products are designed to naturally enhance the growth, development and overall health of our planets most important forms of life………Plants.

Plant Magic Coco Grow has been developed and made specifically for the UK market.

Many upon many water samples countrywide have been analyzed to bring a range of products to suit the UK water supply.

This ensures that your fruiting crops receive the correct amount of major and macro nutrients as well as ample of required trace elements that may otherwise be non existent in other conventional nutrients.

The key benefit is that having a nutrient specifically for the UK water supply requires minimal ph adjustment. Too much phosphoric acid is not good by any means of consumption.

Use a nutrient that WILL work with your water supply.

This product has been specially developed to promote fast growing, high yielding, healthy fruitand flowering crops.

We have researched and analyzed many water samples throughout the UK in order to maintain a high standard and top quality product that will work with your water supply.

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