Canna Mono P 20% Phosphorus Nutrient

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Canna Mono P 20% Phosphorus Nutrient influences the bloom and the secondary metabolites and can in addition directly be absorbed by the plant due to its liquid form.

Canna Mono P 20% Phosphorus Nutrient is the perfect product for stimulating the bloom or cure the phosphorus deficiency of the plant.

It is an essential element that plays a major part in the plant’s energy system.


  • To be applied as a phosphor fertiliser, amongst others, in the case of a phosphorus deficiency.
  • As a supplementary remedy to stimulate the bloom.

Warning: A good fertiliser contains all essential elements in the correct proportions. An overdose of phosphor can result in potassium, calcium and trace element deficiencies.

Therefore, proceed with caution when determining the dose; an overdose could be harmful to the plant!

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